Security Audits & Reconfigurations

Keeping private information from being misused or stolen is a real concern. Employees should have the least amount of access to sensitive data to efficiently do their job, but sometimes security features fail. A security audit and reconfiguration will ensure the integrity of your information from potential threats, both internal and external.

  Compliance Testing
With the glut of new regulations regarding privacy and data handling, its hard to keep current. Are you archiving every email sent to and from your organization? Are your databases protected, and client information kept safe? Are employee records kept confidential? Exposure and liability could cost your business dearly.

  Security Policy Planning

A company-wide security policy is the first step in securing your IT assets. Assigning rights and responsibilities to employees, and making clear acceptable and unacceptable use of resources is key. Most viruses, spyware, and malicious attacks can be prevented with a solid security policy and employee training. A risk assessment can find the holes in your current security policy.

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