Technical Services

Installation & Configuration

If your need to upgrade to the latest operating system, have problems with your email server, or just need to give your servers a health check – we have you covered.  Newer isn’t always better, but when business needs require you to switch to the “latest and greatest” you can count on us for a smooth transition. We use Microsoft Best Practices to ensure great performance, security, and reliability in every server we configure.

  Growth & Consolidation
In this economy there are many opportunities for growth, but then again streamlining your IT infrastructure may be the way to go. We can help you regardless of your position. We can evaluate your needs, and create a plan to best serve your business. For growth, we prefer the reliability and support of Dell servers. To slim down, the use of VMWare to consolidate your physical machines into virtual servers is our recommendation.

  Planning & Procedures

Most IT implementations are not optimized. Planning for new technology integration, and designing procedures to maintain the integrity of your IT investment should be a top priority. Concerns about disaster recovery, data backups, and allocation of IT resources need to be addressed. We offer comprehensive planning and documentation so you be prepared for every contingency.

  Business Intelligence
Performance measuring solutions should be an integral part of a business plan. Data collection, analysis, and reporting gives you an accurate view of every aspect of your operation. We specialize in Microsoft’s implementation of Business Intelligence tools. You don’t know what you don’t measure.

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